How to get Greater Blood Essence in V Rising

Last Updated on May 20, 2022

Great Blood Essense V Rising: As you get more experience as a Vampire, you eventually find missions that require you to upgrade your base with Greater Blood Essence. The standard Blood Essence powers the Castle through the Castle Heart. The Greater Blood Essence will allow you to craft items such as the Servants Coffin (for you to have servants in the castle), and craft better weapons and armor. However, you won’t be able to find Greater Blood Essence anywhere. You will need the Unsullied Heart to craft Greater Blood Essence.

How To Farm Greater Blood Essense in V Rising

How to get the Unsullied Heart to craft Greater Blood Essence?

The Unsullied Heart is a rare item in V Rising. Obtaining it will be a challenge, however, it will be rewarding once you stumble into it. There is no known direct strategy to obtain the Unsullied Heart but there have been a few reports that enemies above Level 18 have a greater chance of dropping the Unsullied Heart.  Other player reports suggest that enemies above Level 30 have the strongest chance of dropping the Unsullied Heart. It is best to keep roaming, looting, and keeping an eye out for the Unsullied Heart.

Once you luckily obtain the Unsullied Heart, it is best to use it immediately to craft Greater Blood Essence using the Blood Press.

If no luck in roaming for the Unsullied Heart, fear not. There is also another way of getting Greater Blood Essence. During mid-game, you can defeat the boss Tristan the Vampire Hunter, and there you will be given the recipe to craft Greater Blood Essence without the need of the Unsullied Heart. All you will need then is 200 standard Blood Essence and the Blood Press.