How to get Cloth in V Rising

Last Updated on May 20, 2022

As you continue to level up and upgrade your weapons, armor, and castle, you will eventually see that more advanced materials are required. The early game materials won’t do anymore as you progress in the mid-game. Cloth is an essential item to make better armor, but how can you obtain cloth in V Rising? Here is a guide on how to farm and craft Cloth in V Rising.

How to get Cloth in V Rising

How to craft the Cloth?

To be able to craft Cloth, you will need the Loom. Loom is a station that can craft cloths, and to unlock the blueprints to the Loom, you will need to defeat a boss. The boss is found in Dawnbreak Village and is named Beatrice the Tailor. The recommended level to defeat this boss is level 38. The village where Beatrice the Tailor is found on the eastern side of the map, just west of the Hallowed Mountains.

Once you defeat Beatrice, you will acquire the blueprint for the Loom. To build the Loom you will need 20 planks, 12 copper ingots, and 4 wool thread. Dawnbreak Village where Beatrice the Tailor resides has some wool thread around the area, so make sure to grab them before returning to your base to build the Loom.

How to use the Loom?

Once you build the Loom in your castle base, you will need at least 9 plant fibers and 3 leather. Place the items in the Loom and wait for the station to produce Cloth using the plant fibers and leather.

Where can I loot Cloth?

The farmlands around the location of Beatrice have cloths found in chests and crates. The Dunley Farmlands on the northern part of the map have large farms that also have some cloth that can be looted in chests, crates, and boxes.