How to Farm Blood Essence in V Rising

Last Updated on May 19, 2022

Blood Essence in V Rising is a currency and Game Mechanic that is obtained by playing the game and used as a reagent for building and maintaining your personal Castle. If you have received the message “Your Castle is Decaying” then head over to our guide on how to fix it.

How to Obtain Blood Essence in V Rising

Blood Essence can be obtained in V Rising by Feeding on living creatures. Humans, animals etc.

In order to “Feed” on them, attack until the “Feed” prompt is displayed. Then simply press “F” or whatever key you have set up in your controls.

Higher-level animals and humans will give you more Blood Essence, so it’s usually better to farm in higher-level areas that you can easily fight, but not so high that the enemies take way too long to kill, or that you may die trying to kill them. Higher-level enemies will also have a higher chance at dropping Tainted Hearts.

Tainted Hearts in V Rising

Tainted Hearts can also be obtained by playing the game, and can be converted to Blood Essence using the Blood Press

A Blood Press is built in the Castle using a recipe of 12 Planks and 120 Stones.